Meet Our Newest Partner: Bitcoiniacs

1 min readFeb 25, 2021
Based in Canada, Bitcoiniacs also has ATMs in the Philippines.

I’m very excited to introduce you to our latest partner — the world’s first crypto ATM network, Bitcoiniacs.

Launched in 2013 from a Vancouver, Canada coffee shop, Chief Evangelist Christopher Concepcion told me they were compelled by the cost savings we are able to offer, by employing algorithms that achieve reduced blockchain fees.

It is great for CryptX to be partnering with such an important company as Bitcoiniacs. This cooperation will streamline their operations and business processes even further. “Digital assets are revolutionizing finance,” as Chris put it, and making them accessible with conveniently located ATMs is a big step in that direction.

CryptX Wallet can address general as well as custom needs of various types of businesses like Crypto ATM networks, Crypto Casinos, Crypto E-commerce, Crypto Exchanges, etc.

CryptX Group is motivated to deliver high quality, cutting-edge and efficient products and services for our clients, whether they are large established businesses or relatively small firms operating in the crypto & blockchain space.