Hodl Services Selects CryptX for Security & Reliability

2 min readMar 26, 2021


Hodl Services has implemented CryptX Wallet as its operational wallet. Currently operating 72 Bitcoin ATMs in the province of Ontario, Canada, they are working on further expansion within the country. They plan to double the number of machines by the end of the year.

Hodl Digital Services saw the opportunity to be part of a growing trend towards decentralized financial services and launched their first Bitcoin ATM in January of 2018. Hodl obtained their Canadian regulatory registration from FINTRAC in January 2019.

Hodl Digital Services wants to make cryptocurrencies and all their advantages available to wider segments of the Canadian population, including those that are not comfortable with new technologies and those that are under-banked.

Our partnership with Hodl Services matches our passion for making cryptocurrency easy, safe, and accessible.

Samih Mokbel, President of Hodl Services, told us, “We found CryptX during our development phase where we had to select the right digital wallet to link to our machines for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. As with anything related to Cryptocurrency, security and reliability are what we are looking for in terms of having an efficient wallet. For the current needs of Hodl, CryptX provides the services that we require. We are definitely satisfied with the service that is provided along with the features that CryptX offers.”

“The most exciting thing about crypto right now is definitely the fact that it has come so far,” said Samih. “During the start up days of Hodl, cryptocurrency, blockchain, and everything around the topic of ‘Bitcoin’ used to be looked at with an extreme level of skepticism. It is amazing to see how far not only the industry but cryptocurrencies as a whole have come. There is a much stronger foundation around the topic with a continuously growing user base from the average person to a large business or corporation.”